1) Scientific Planning on the basis of internationally accepted Standard SIA-196 for proper evaluation of various parameters of ventilation required viz total air pressure, fan discharge(cu.m per sec) and KW Rating of fans.

2) Requisite sustained air flows at face-end(s) as per international norms for the full life-cycle of the project for safe & efficient work environment

3) Selection of appropriate size, shape & type of flexible ducts, axial flow/centrifugal fans with full down-stream accessories like Bends, Tees/Reducers, Booster Fans, Dampers, etc. In the ventilation

4) Least overall financial capital investment and operating cost with sensitivity ananlysis.

5) Supply of duly tested equipment & accessories with in-built robustness & efficient design as per standard accepted norms and procedures.

Installation & Commissioning

1) Schematic drawings showing ventilation plans, GA drawings of fans and its support platform at the portal, various enroute accessories.

2) Illustrated manuals, Technical literature and videos for Installation and commissioning of the ventilation fans and the ducts.

3) Deputation of trained personnel for installation and commissioning.

After Sales Support

1) Rendering prompt delivery  of ventilation fans and ducts to meet the urgent demands of the customers.

2) Training on the job and Regular follow ups of the progress of the tunnels and mutual discussions with the site officials.

3) Drawing up of plans, written instructions for method of periodic of measurement of ventilation pressure & recording the results thereof solely directed towards periodic assessment and study of the results for the necessary improvements and the future preventive actions.

4) Our belief: Customer is our business partner, this concern is ours.