Ventilation Ducts

Lay Flat Flexible Tubing

These tubings are fabricated from heavy duty Polyester Fabric coated on both sides with PVC with a continuous suspension strip. The suspension arrangement can withstand a load upto 900 kg per metre.


200-3000 mm

Standard Length:-

5, 10, 20, 30, 100 & more

Lay Flat Semi Rigid Flexible Tubing

It is made of continuous spiral of high tensile spring steel wire sandwiched between outer surface of the duct and the specially designed PVC profile welded to the duct.


300-2000 mm

Standard Length:-

5, 10, 20 Metres

Oval Duct

Anand Mincons Oval twin lay flat blower duct are ideally suitable for low headroom / small tunnels where large size circular ducts installation is not possible. It reduces the power cost & provide cost effective solution. The twin oval ducts are designed to improve air flow in your underground ventilation system.

The unique feature of oval twin duct is when inflated remains oval in shape & allows more clearance for the equipment.


500-1800 mm

Standard Length:-

100 metres